10 reasons to love autumn

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Yes, it's darker than a dark mint crisp at four in the afternoon and you feel like a bear ready to hibernate, but here are 10 reasons why autumn is awesome!

1. Wearing soft, chunky knits that flatter any shape or size

2. Buying the box set of the shows you missed this summer

3. Tucking into a harvest of the new season's apples and pumpkins

4. Warming yourself in front of a real log fire

5. Toasting marshmallows and roasting chestnuts

Pull on a chunky jumper, some sexy new boots and get outside to toast those marshmallows
You feel like a bear ready to hibernate.

6. Seeing the trees turn beautiful shades of gold, red and orange

7. Treating yourself to a pair of sexy new boots

8. Plotting and planning the whole Christmas shop

9. Cooking up comforting casseroles and hot puddings

10. Indulging in exciting new Elizabeth Shaw chocolates

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