5 easy ways to burn off a mint crisp

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Christmas should be about counting presents not calories, but if you feel as if you've had one delectably creamy and crunchy Elizabeth Shaw Dark Mint Crisp (a mere 30 calories) too many, here are 5 easy ways to work it off....

1. Kiss me slow

Smooch under the mistletoe for about 30 minutes

2. Have a little chinwag

Talk off the calories by mulling over your mum's new hairstyle

3. Do (some of) the washing up

Make yourself useful for about 5 minutes

4. Bed time 1

Make some beds up for 15 minutes

5. Bed time 2

Then mess them up again with about 20 minutes of bedroom gymnastics!

Is this before or after?
Smooch under the mistletoe for about 30 minutes

So there you have it. How you choose to work off those 30 calories is up to you. Personally, I've got a date with a new Sherlock box set on the sofa....