8 Care Package Ideas for University Students

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

With the new university year starting in September, there’s nothing more that family want for their child than for them to be happy, forge new friendships, and make lots of special memories.

Sending them a university care package is a wonderful way to help them settle in to their new surroundings, as well as keeping a few special reminders from home. Here are the top 8 things to make a thoughtful, comforting care package for your student.

  1. Blankets and throws

It’s no small secret that student digs can be less than homely, so popping a blanket or throw into the bottom of the box is an instant solution for adding a little colour and warmth to a student bedroom!

  1. Set of mugs

There’s nothing more British than getting the kettle on to start making new friends. Pack a set of brightly coloured mugs that they can share with housemates.

  1. New notebook & pens

Although some may think that student life is all fun and games, they will have to get their head down eventually. Get them kitted out with a brand new notebook and set of pens for their first lecture.

  1. Get-well-soon essentials

A combination of partying and chilly bedrooms, mean that university students will inevitably feel a little under the weather at some point during their first year. Pack in a few essentials for getting rid of colds; honey and lemon, cough medicine and tissues.

  1. Cards to remind them of home

Most student rooms have a notice board, so send them with a few cards, notes and lovely reminders of home for them to stick up. It’ll make them feel instantly at home, which will help you feel better about them flying the nest.

A funky photo frame to fill with new memories
It'll make them feel instantly at home

6. Photo frame

Either fill it with photos of their favourite people and places, or leave it open for them to fill with their new memories.

7. Gift card for supermarket shopping

It’s very easy for family members to worry about their teenagers eating properly when they’re no-longer having home-cooked meals, but this is a great way of helping them on their way. Top up a gift-card for their closest supermarket and you’ll feel better knowing that they can buy good, nourishing food when their student loan runs a little thin!

8. Chocolate

For you, and for them. For a little comfort when you’re missing them, and for something to share with new friends, a bar of Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate will help make any moment feel special.

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