The Meringue goes extremely well with strawberries and this recipe is an ideal dinner party dessert or can be served at a summer barbecue party. The meringue discs can be made in advance and stored in an airtight tin for 3-4 days. Sandwich together with fruit and cream up to 1 hour before serving. 

10 Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Crisps 
80g (3 oz) icing sugar, sieved
80g (3 oz) caster sugar
3 medium egg whites
300ml (½ pint) double cream, whipped (see variation)
225g (8 oz) strawberries, hulled and sliced 


  • Preheat the oven to 130°C, 250°F, Gas Mark ½. Line two baking trays with non-stick baking parchment and mark an 18 cm (7 inch) circle on each.
  • Finely crush 9 Chocolate Crisps, then mix with the sieved icing sugar in a small bowl. Place the caster sugar in a separate bowl. (It is important to have all the ingredients ready when making a meringue.)
  • Place the egg whites in a large bowl and whisk until stiff and standing in peaks. Sprinkle with the caster sugar and continue whisking until the meringue is still stiff.
  • Using a metal spoon, carefully fold in the Chocolate Crisp and icing sugar mixture using a figure-of-eight movement. Spoon equal amounts of meringue on each baking tray and spread round the circle using a palette knife.
  • Bake in pre-heated oven for one hour then reduce oven temperature to its lowest setting and leave the meringues to dry out for about four hours. Turn the heat off but leave the meringues inside the oven until it is cold, or preferably just leave in the turned-off oven overnight.
  • Carefully peel off the non-stick paper, then sandwich the meringues together with the whipped cream and sliced strawberries, reserving some cream and strawberries for the decoration. Top with the remaining Chocolate Crisp and serve immediately.


Mix together 75g (3 oz) curd cheese and a 150ml (5 fl oz) tub of thick strawberry yoghurt and use instead of the cream with the strawberries to sandwich the meringues together.



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