A chocolate lover's night in

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

I found out the other day that the smell of chocolate does things to your brain, helping you to feel more relaxed. Personally, I find eating chocolate a lot more satisfying than just sniffing it!

Mind you, it does make me feel that all my years of indulgent evenings in, snuggled on the sofa with an unputdownable book and some divine chocolates have been completely justified.

But when it comes to cosy nights in, it has to be done right. The sofa cushions have to be plumped to perfection, the lights dimmed, the wood burner crackling, and all my evening's essentials just an easy arm-stretch away: TV remote, phone, my latest read, a mug of steaming hot tea, some 'la-di-da' crisps for when I'm in a savoury mood, as well as a box of Elizabeth Shaw, of course. Then I just pull off my yeti slippers and snuggle down for the evening.

What I'm reading at the moment is a real oldie, but a goodie - Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Children's books are brilliant - they have such crazy stories and characters!

Essential for any chocolate lover's night in!
Then I just pull off my yeti slippers and snuggle down for the evening.

It started me wondering about what other chocolate-related books are out there. With a little bit of searching, I've come up with my top three sweet reads. Here they are, in no particular order....

1. Chocolat by Joanne Harris

A mysterious single mother opens a small chocolate shop in a sleepy French village and stirs up the lives and passions of its inhabitants.

2. The Chocolate Lovers' Club by Carole Matthews

The ultimate in 'chock lit'. You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll love this fun heart-warmer, featuring four chocolate-loving friends.

3. Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Set in turn-of-the-century Mexico, this is a magical and mouth-watering tale of tragedy and true love.

If you end up reading one of these, let me know what you thought via our Facebook or Twitter page - you can also share your idea of the perfect night in.