About us

Tasty looking chocolate

It takes time and experience to be perfect for every occasion

As one of Britain's best-loved luxury chocolate makers we’re proud of our rich heritage and experience. It's what enables us to create truly irresistible chocolates that are enjoyed all around the world. Whatever the occasion, be it a celebration or moment of glorious self-indulgence you'll find an Elizabeth Shaw chocolate for it.

We select only the finest ingredients

Creating luxurious chocolates means never compromising on the quality of our ingredients. That's why we source a very specific blend of cocoa from the Côte d'Ivoire. It's then refined for 24 hours, creating a smooth chocolate with an unforgettable texture and taste. This patient and uncompromising approach is applied to all of our ingredients, from the mint for our Mint Crisp to the honeycomb and liqueurs we select. Find out about our history or explore the full range.

Fair and ethical cocoa trading

We believe everyone involved in chocolate production, including the cocoa growing countries of West Africa should be treated fairly and paid a living wage. That's why we maintain ethical and fair relationships with all our suppliers, including the farmers who provide us with essential ingredients such as cocoa, sugar and milk. We also insist that all our immediate suppliers commit to our Responsible Sourcing Policy and are fully committed to our industry's global initiatives.