Anniversary Gifts

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Anniversaries are a truly special occasion, and one to mark the incredible journey you have been on together. Whether you are celebrating 1 year, 5 years or 50, a small gift from the heart never goes amiss!

Happily, every anniversary has its own item associated with it, to ease some of the pressure of finding the perfect gift. Some even have two gifts, so you really are spoiled for choice. Here's our definitive list - along with a few of our favourite gift suggestions.

 1st - Paper   12th - Silk/Linen 
 2nd - Cotton   13th - Lace 
 3rd - Leather   14th - Ivory 
 4th - Flowers/Fruit   15th - Crystal 
 5th - Wood   20th - China 
 6th - Iron   25th - Silver 
 7th - Wool/Copper   30th - Pearl 
 8th - Pottery/Bronze   40th - Ruby 
 9th - Willow   45th - Sapphire 
 10th - Tin   50th - Gold 
 11th - Steel   60th - Diamond 


Paper Anniversary

Your Paper Anniversary is the first year of your adventure, and always seems to come round ever so quickly! As the year has flown by, and your wedding only seemed a month ago, we like the idea of creating a scrapbook or album of all your favourite memories from the special day.

The art of letter-writing is sadly a dying one, but a heart-felt hand-written love letter to your partner is one gift that will be cherished for the years to come.

Wood Anniversary

Most partners first thought when it comes to the wooden anniversary is perhaps a handmade piece of furniture or a carved keepsake, but we like to think out-of-the-box. Why not arrange for a special day out in a local woodland, complete with picnic, sunny stroll and perhaps a glass or two of bubbly.

Every Anniversary is worthy of a little personal treat

Tin Anniversary

We've heard some fantastic ideas for this anniversary - as well as some rather funny ones! From a personalised tea tin, an embossed sheet of tin to a tin of baked beans for the partner who loves breakfast. We've discovered this beautuflly framed piece of art from which is perfect in it's simplicity. Click here to see

Silver Anniversary

25 years together may seem a long way for newly married couples, and this extraordinary milestone is one to be celebrated in style. A big party, maybe even a towering chocolate cake and that all important gift. There are many ways to express your love in silver; rings, watches or photo frames, however we think these beautiful Champagne Glasses by Culinary Concepts are a wonderful way to toast the next 25 years.

Silver anniversary.jpg

Gold Anniversary

Such an incredible milestone is a celebration in its own right and although jewellery is a truly delightful gift, we think there is something more special you can do....Celebrate your marriage on golden sands instead. Book a trip to the beach and make even more special memories together.

Every Anniversary

Every anniversary is worth of a little personal treat....and some chocolate never went amiss!

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