Autumn Fruits

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

October is the start of the blackberry picking season. It's a truly special time of year that brings you back to your childhood days; when you would risk scratched limbs and berry-stained fingers scrambling through brambles to get to the juiciest berries.

So relive those magical moments, grab your coat, dig out a bucket and head out to your nearest bramble patch!

Why not try these delicious recipes to serve to family and friends to make use of that bumper haul? And if you can't get to a bramble patch, our Blackberry & Ginger chocolate bar can still do the trick!

Blackberry and Chocolate Cupcakes

Berry 1.jpg

These perfectly formed little cupcakes combine sweet, tart blackberries with chocolate sponge and a smooth white chocolate frosting. If this doesn't tempt you to head out and pick your own, we're not sure what will!

Sloe Gin Bramble Pie - yummy!
Relive those magical moments and head out to your nearest bramble patch!

Sloe Gin Bramble Pie

There's no better combination than gin with berries, especially sloes and blackberries. This pie is made extra scrumptious with the addition of sloe gin to the blackberry filling. Serve piping hot with a jug of custard and a smile on your face!

Best-ever Blackberry Jam

Berry 3.jpg

Every baker's arsenal should include a good jam recipe, and this is one of our favourites. Perfect for scooping out of the fridge whenever you need a little reminder of those special autumn days.

Do you have a favourite autumn memory? Or do you make a particular blackberry recipe every year? We'd love to know! Tweet us @ESCHOCS or head to our Facebook page to leave us a comment.