Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

The nights are getting darker and the mornings are getting darker. When the weather is miserable, sometimes you just want to stay home and snuggle up.

Putting our feet up and watching a good movie is our go-to night in plan, but we think there are lots of lovely ways that you can enjoy the colder evenings indoors.

Here's our top ten recommendations to try this autumn:

1. Have a karaoke night - Did you know that YouTube is full of karaoke versions of all your favourite tunes? Get your vocal chords warmed up and belt out a tune of two (providing the neighbours enjoy your singing!)

2. Write a bucket list - Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins, going skydiving or even running a marathon? Writing a personal bucket list is a great way to remind you of your life goals and gives you the incentive and desire to tick them off. Let your imagination run free....

3. Arrange a supper night with friends - Bring out your competitive side and host an evening of food and frolicking with your friends. Why not add a theme to the evening such as Italian or Mexican and secretly score your friends dishes to see who really is top chef!

4. Devise a scavenger hunt - Why not hide little gifts around the home, like Elizabeth Shaw chocolates, and make riddles giving your friends clues as to where the next piece of hidden treasure is.

5. Make a scrapbook - For a more romantic night in, reminisce about good times by creating a little DIY scrapbook with photos from your favourite moments with your other half.

6. Sample another culture - Step into the unknown by creating a themed night with food and music from a specific city or country. Why not cook up a local delicacy and unwind to their music and films too.

7. Camp in the living room - Grab all the sheets and blankets you can find and create your own comfort fort. Don't forget to bring the board games, cards and a good bottle of wine - it's the perfect night in for couples!

8. Have a campfire in the garden - Is there a better feeling than cuddling up to your partner whilst you toast marshmallows over an open fire? And hey, you could also get some fireworks to make your night go with a bang!

9. Complete a really big puzzle - Puzzles are a great way to get friends and family working as a team. Pick yourself up a 1000 piece or even a 5000 piece puzzle (if you're deeling daring) and see how quickly you can piece it back together. A chocolatey prize for the quickest will make it competitive.

10. Learn a new dance move - Similar to the karaoke night, YouTube also has loads of step by step guides to popular dance moves. Perfect your Gangnam Style or thrill your friends with the Thriller dance all in the space and comfort of your own home.

11. Binge on the latest hit TV show - There's nothing worse than not being in the loop of the latest Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, so grab your snacks and duvet and prepare yourself for the TV marathon that you are about to embark on.