Chocolate Desserts from Around the World

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Here in England we love our chocolate, and adore creating recipes that indulge our sweet tooth. While Chocolate Sponge is a favourite in England, there are many desserts around the world that use chocolate to accentuate different flavours.


Italy is known for its pizzas, pastas and gelato, but their favourite way to use chocolate is in Tiramisu. Layers of coffee dipped sponge fingers are sandwiched with an egg, sugar and mascarpone mixture and the dessert is finished with cocoa for the magic touch.

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I hope mine look as good as these!


Punsch-rolls are very popular in Sweden. The small, marzipan covered pastries are filled with crushed cookies, butter and cacao, flavoured with Punsche liquor and dipped in chocolate.

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Stroopwafel, which translates literally to syrup waffle, is a waffle filled with a thin layer of caramel syrup. Originally made in the city of Gouda, these delicious desserts can be eaten plain but are even better when dipped in creamy chocolate.

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The Nanaimo bar, named after the west coast city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, is a rich treat that features two layers of chocolate sandwiching a layer of custard flavoured butter icing. The crumb based bottom layer adds a bit of crunch while the custard melts in your mouth.

To make these bars at home, follow this recipe

nanaimo bar.jpg


The banana is extremely popular in Ghana, so it's no surprise this easy and delightful dessert is such a hit. Great for summer, these frozen chocolate banana nuggets can be covered in nuts, coconut, prinkles of eaten plain!

This lovely treat is open to interpretation and can be dressed up however you like! Click here to see recipes

Banana treat.jpg

Do you have a chocolate dessert recipe that will have everyone's mouths watering?

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