Christmas - The Gift of a Magical Day

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Christmas Day is one of the most magical times of year, however, if you're hosting, it can be quite a stressful and daunting ordeal. We've put together a few suggestions to help alleviate the strain, add a personal touch and allow you to enjoy a magical day too.

Make your own Christmas crackers

Christmas crackers are a vital part to the all-important Christmas dinner. You can make your own with something as simple as an empty toilet roll insert and crepe paper. Fill it with personalised and thoughtful trinkets, and of course a few Elizabeth Shaw chocolates!

Play a game

Playing games on Christmas day is the perfect way to get the family together. Get your relatives to create 'the ultimate Christmas quiz' taking inspiration from fun Christmas facts that you can all team up and answer. Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit also never fail to entertain, or perhaps a game of Ellen DeGeneres' Heads Up available to download on Android and Apple - guaranteed to have you and the family laughing away.

Christmas watching

The Christmas Day television schedule can always cause a few arguments. Get everyone to mark in the Radio Times to help decide what to watch on the big day and what should be recorded to watch at a later date. To save arguments, select a few Christmas movie favourites that everyone will enjoy and use this to help with timings. If you're planning to have the turkey at 5pm, pop a movie on that will finish just in time - this will also keep the kids out of the kitchen whilst you're cooking.

A vital part to the all-important Christmas dinner!
Playing games is the perfect way to get the family together.

Help yourself

Take the strain off entertaining and encourage people to help themselves! Put drinks in a big bucket with ice, and lay out all the mince pies and snacks, open the chocolate Flutes and Bites and place them around the house. By doing so, it means you can sit down for 5 mintues and don't have to worry about having to get up to top drinks up. It is a day for you to enjoy too!

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Christmas is one of the only days of the year (asides from Easter!) when it's not frowned upon to eat chocolate before breakfast, so we think you should make the most of it! Bring in all your favourite Christmas flavours and settle in for an indulgent, magical day.

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