Christmas - The Gift of Wrapping

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

When it comes to presents, it doesn't have to just be what's on the inside that counts. Presentation also makes a difference at Christmas time, so we've put together our top ideas for wrapping a present beautifully - think how lovely it will look under the tree.

Use Ornaments

Christmas decorations and ornaments don't necessarily have to be for the Christmas tree, adding them to your gift wrap can add a little something extra when on display under the tree. These can be purchased from many different shops and don't have to cost the earth either, perhaps you have a few extra ornaments left over that you could put to use. For more inspiration take a look by clicking here.

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Dried Cinnamon and Clementine Slices

There's a well-known scene in Love Actually, where Rowan Atkinson's character is gift wrapping a gift that Alan Rickman's character is trying to be discreet about. As he gift-wraps he includes sprigs of rosemary and a dried cinnamon stick. Now, your presents don't have to be as elaborate as this, however the use of dried fruit and cinnamon will really bring home the taste of Christmas and can bring even the simplest of gift-wrap to life.

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Tricky Wrapping

Sadly, not all presents come in easy to wrap shapes. If you're giving the gift of our Chocolate Crisps this season, the hexagonal edges will certainly put your wrapping skills to the test. Take a look at this handy guide to ensure your present looks beautiful and tidy under the tree.

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Perfect for children of all ages!
Dried fruit and cinnamon will really bring home the taste of Christmas

One for the children

For the children, why not try something with character...perhaps Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer? Grab the marker pens and use the left over bits of paper to create antlers and a funny face to stick onto your presents. We guarantee the kids will love it!


Go Green

You can wrap up presents from a lot of left overs found around the house. Those extra bits of wool and string you've had lying around, last year's wrapping paper (that your Mum told you to save to use again) can be fashioned into new paper with a bit of glue and scissors. You could even use an old scarf, piece of fabric or recyclable paper bag. Not only will you be recycling, you'll also be saving money and adding a more personal and creative feel to your gifts.

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For more gift wrapping inspiration, take a look at our Christmas Wrapping Pinterest board.

If all else fails, our Christmas Creations come with a bow already on the box!

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