Elizabeth Shaw at the BBC Good Food Show Winter 2

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

I'd been looking forward to the BBC Good Food Show all year, so driving up to Birmingham the day before the show started, I must admit I was like a kid on Christmas morning!

I knew we would be busy, selling and sampling our new chocolates, but I was still so excited over the thought of seeing John Whaite and Jo Pratt again. Not to mention the chance of bumping into Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, The Hairy Bikers, oh the list could go on and on.

Our stand was right in front of the Great British Bake Off stage, and we couldn't have had a better view of the celebrity chefs baking away on stage. Jo Pratt was introducing everyone on stage, as well as doing her own afternoon session with our chocolates.

As soon as the show opened to the public, our stand was packed with people wanted to try some of our new creations.
Word had spread about our new Blackberry and Ginger bar, and I believe it was truly the product of the weekend.

After being inspired by our recent baking competition, we put our own skills to the test by creating some cakes to take to the show, so people could see what can be done with our chocolates (other than just eating!)
We took our Chocolate Crisp Hedgehog Cake, our Flutes Celebration Cake, and with the help of Frances Cooley from Clifton Cakes, Bristol, we had a gorgeous chocolate cake decorated with chocolate roses and leaves. They all looked amazing and many people stopped to have a look and give us some great feedback on our creations.


A few famous faces popped up that weekend - look who Susann bumped into....
I couldn't believe my eyes, Francis Quinn (Winner of The Great British Bake Off 2013) was there trying some of our Flutes!

Whilst sampling some of our chocolates on the stand, I looked up and I couldn't believe my eyes, Francis Quinn (Winner of The Great British Bake Off 2013) was there trying some of our Flutes!
She stayed for a while and had a chat with some of us on the stand; she even posed in a photo for us. Even Paul Hollywood couldn't help himself to our chocolates whilst having a wander around.


Jo Pratt had been making her 'Chocolate, Ginger and Blackberry Brownies with Blackberry Ripple Cream' (with our Blackberry & Ginger bar) all week on stage. Some of the backstage staff brought some down for us to try - honestly, this was the best thing I had tasted all week!
Before we knew it, Saturday had arrived and Jo Pratt would be making Janice's Mint Chocolate Roulade recipe.

Janice's day was all planned out for her. She started her day in the Super theatre, where she got to see the Great British Bake Off Masterclass, then she went on to meet Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. I could see how excited Janice was!
She then had a chance to wander around and see some of the show, followed by lunch in the MasterChef restaurant, and then came her special moment.

Janice joined Jo Pratt on the stage, and I must say she came across very relaxed, even though she had let slip earlier that she was very nervous, you honestly couldn't tell.
Jo created Janice's Mint Chocolate Roulade, with a very large audience by this point, including Janice's husband and children, while Janice told everyone about the competition, the bake day in London, and how much she had enjoyed herself. Well done Janice, and congratulations again.

Overall it was an amazing week, we got to meet some amazing people, watch some fantastic recipes get created, and we got to share our new chocolate delights with everyone.