Giving the Gift of Chocolate

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Valentine's Day, 14th February, is just around the corner, and many loved up couples will be planning what gifts to get their special someone. Tradition suggests giving the gift of chocolate, and what better than our very own selection? Here's a few perfect matches from our own tempting range for you to try:

Almond Bites

Our Almond Bites are part of our newest range of chocolates. Delicate little mouthfuls of chocolate that see a match made in heaven between smooth chocolate with a topping of crunch. They make for a delicious little pick me up for the love of your lift who enjoys a little nibble, and if you're lucky, they may share with you.

Also available in Raspberry Bites and Cappuccino Bites.

Lemon Flutes

Lemon and chocolate aren't the most common of partners, however when joined together they make for an intriguing combination, ideal for those who like to try something new. Our Lemon Flutes see dark chocolate wrapped around a delicate lemon fondant. They will tantalise and excite your taste-buds.

Also available in Amaretto and Cappuccino.

Love is in the air
Love makes the world go round, but chocolate makes the trip worthwhile!

Signature Collection

For the true chocolate connoisseur, our Signature Collection marries some of the world's most famous liqueurs with our decadent chocolate. Featuring Cointreau®, Courvoisier® VS Cognac, Harveys® Bristol Cream®, Irish Cream, Drambuie® and Grant's®, each individual chocolae has a silky liquid centre, for a melt-in-your-mouth luxurious experience that your loved ones will enjoy.

Discover our Whisky Collection as well.

Blackberry & Ginger Bar

Blackberry & Ginger are a truly delightful pair, with blackberry's unique fruity twist and ginger's warming after taste. They're a combination that won't leave you disappointed, to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Also available is our Pear & Almond Bar.

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