4 women working in a chocolate factory

A passion for chocolate from the beginning

From an early age, Elizabeth loved making chocolate treats for the whole family. So it’s no surprise that when she married in the 1930s, it was to an employee of Page & Shaw – a large confectionery company. One of Elizabeth’s favourite treats was a combination of mint and honeycomb crisp, developed from an American friend’s recipe. It was so good, that in 1937 she decided to put her delicious Mint Crisp chocolates on sale in her brother-in-law’s shop in Middlesex.

From the kitchen to the palace

The venture was a great success, and due to the public demand for her delicious chocolates, Elizabeth soon had to think of a suitable name for her brand of unique chocolates. So, she combined hers with part of her husband’s old employer's, and the much-loved name Elizabeth Shaw, was born. Machinery, factories and lots more delicious chocolate followed – there was even a seal of approval from the royal family.

Factories and Famous Names

In 1968, the company was sold to a Bristol factory steeped in chocolate history and innovation, originally opened by former Fry & Son’s employee Edward Packer in 1881. All their chocolate-making knowledge and experience helped take Elizabeth Shaw to even greater success. New recipes and new treats came by the boxful, including the Famous Names range that’s still hugely popular today.

Over 100 years of tradition continues

Although Elizabeth herself is no longer with us and the original factory has been closed, the name Elizabeth Shaw still epitomises delicious, luxury chocolate and indulgent treats. And our appetite for surprising your sweet tooth remains undiminished; we’re constantly looking to create new flavours and chocolates to delight you. Discover our full range today.