How to pair chocolate

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Self-confessed chocolate lovers don't need a particular occasion or specific drink with which to enjoy their special moments of chocolatey indulgence, but pairing your chocolate with the right ingredients can bring out the flavours and turn it into something truly special.
Here is our top chocolate pairings for the Elizabeth Shaw range - from wines to cheese!

Mint Crisps
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps have a distinct, delicious mint flavour that works well with some surprising combinations.
For day time, indulge in a few Mint Crisps with a cup of strong fruity tea. Raspberry, blackberry or even Liquorice flavours complement the tangy taste.
If you're enjoying a glass of celebratory bubbly on a Friday evening, choose a Milk Chocolate Mint Crisp; the smoother flavour of the milk chocolate is perfectly balanced with the light bubbles.


Cappuccino Flutes
It goes without saying that a Cappuccino Flute (or two!) goes perfectly with freshly brewed coffee but why not try it with a sweet cocktail for the evening? The dark, rich flavours of the Cappuccino Flute counteract sugary ingredients, and can help bring out more subtle notes.
Stone fruits such as peaches, plums and apricots are all delicious with a hint of coffee flavour, so why not break up a Cappuccino Flute into your next pie, crumble or fruit salad?

Cheese and chocolate is a revelatory taste experience!
Indulge in a few Mint Crisps with a cup of strong fruity tea

Almond Bites
It may sound like a strange combination, but cheese and chocolate is a revelatory taste experience! Soft cheeses have always worked well with sugary additions, so why not the rest of them?
Pair our Almond Bites with a hard cheese such as Gouda or Manchego; the crunchy almonds and smooth milk chocolate combine with the delicate, nutty flavours of the cheese to create something really special. Complete the trio with a glass of red wine.

85% Cocoa Extra Dark Bar
Because dark chocolate is less sweet than its counterparts, it contrasts well with rich flavour-packed foods.
Dark Chocolate is perhaps the most versatile choice when pairing with food. Chillies, ginger, balsamic vinegar and mango are all delicious examples of how dark chocolate can amplify flavours and complement certain dishes.


Good to Know
When enjoying chocolate with other elements, start with savoury then move onto sweet to not overwhelm you palate.
It's also a lovely idea to contrast your textures. If you're indulging in a softer chocolate, add a little crunch with a handful of walnuts, or if you're nibbling a crunchy Elizabeth Shaw chocolate, pair with smoother ingredients.

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