Making Special Moments

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

At Elizabeth Shaw, we think special moments are meant to be celebrated, and how better to make it even more magical than with the gift of chocolate?

We will be giving away a box of our luxury chocolates every week to 3 lucky winners to help celebrate that special occasion.

We believe moments are made special by loved ones, so this is your chance to nominate someone to receive a beautifully wrapped box of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates.

Getting married, passing your driving test and bringing your child into the world all made it into the top 50 special moments in life, alongside more modern milestones including your first ever Facebook friend and getting your first 100 Twitter followers.

Special moments come in all forms, so if you know someone who's getting married, had a baby or just reached a special goal, then why not nominate them to receive the gift of chocolate to make their moment that extra bit special?

To enter, simply choose a loved one to nominate and tell us why you think they deserve to win a box of luxury chocolates delivered to their door with a handwritten note.

We love a wedding at Elizabeth Shaw, who doesn't!

We love a wedding at Elizabeth Shaw, who doesn't! So if you know someone who will soon become a Mr or Mrs, then click the link to our Weddings Special Moments page and submit their details along with your own to bring a little extra magic to their day.


The birth of a baby is one of the most special moments in a person's life. For many the presents a parent gets are all related to their beautiful new-born. Why not nominate them on our New Born Special Moments page, to give the parents something special too?


If you simply want to help make a loved one's moment a little more magical, give them to chance to win a luxury box of chocolates on us. Tell us why they deserve a gift and a box could be making its way to them. Click here for Special Moments

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