Movies with a chocolate fix

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Treat yourself this weekend with a good film and a box of Elizabeth Shaw, and see how these film characters get their chocolate fix!

They're really sweet....

1) Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Everyone's dream as a child was to visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. As the 5 lucky golden ticket winners make their way into the factory of delicious delights and tasty wonders, the group encounter a chocolate river that runs throughout the weird and wonderful factory. Overcome with his passion for chocolate, young Augustus Gloop starts drinking from the sweet stream. He accidentally falls into the murky depths of the river but is luckily rescued by a chocolate pipe and is sent into the Fudge Room!

2) Forrest Gump

'Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.' This poignant quote from Tom Hanks' synonymous character provides a very valuable lesson about how to experience life. This weepy comedy takes us on a journey of life and death from the perspective of Gump and the different flavours of life he tries along the way, taking him from the Olympics to Vietnam and everywhere in between.

3) Matilda

The terrifying Miss Trunchbull calls an immediate assembly at Crunchem Hall Elementary after a slice of her delicious fudge cake is stolen. She calls out Bruce Bogtrotter, a classmate of Matilda's, and accuses him of pinching a piece of the gorgeous gateau. As punishment, he is forced to consume the whole cake on stage and in front of the entire school. After a rather queasy beginning, Bruce is cheered on by his classmates and eventually devours the entire plate.

4) The Goonies

This 80s coming of age classic sees a group of misfits set out to find long lost buried treasure, whilst the Fratelli mob are hot on their heels to grab the loot before them. One of the group's members, Chunk, ventures a bit too far and is caught by one of the mobsters. He finds himself imprisoned with the Fratelli's deformed brother Sloth. In an attempt to become friends with the monster, Chunk offers Sloth a piece of his Baby Ruth chocolate bar. Sloth tries a piece and falls in love with the candy, a move which helps Chunk later in the film...

5) Bridesmaids

After Annie (Kristen Wiig) becomes openly enraged that her friends have overundulged her best friend and her bridal shower whilst she remains on a tight budget, she starts to take her frustration out on the baked goods that are pleasantly scattered on delightful platters in the garden. She attacks a giant heart-shaped cookie before diving into a giant chocolate fountain.

6) Chocolat

This is a very sweet film. Chocolat tells the story of Vianne (Juliette Binoche) and her daughter Anouk, as they arrive in the peaceful French village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes. Vianne opens her very own chocolaterie and soon turns the village from a stubborn and unfriendly setting to a vibrant and exciting town, with the chocolate quickly changing the townspeople's lives. Her delicious chocolate soon catches the attention of Roux (Johnny Depp), who soon becomes infatuated by Vianne and her sweet treats.

7) The Polar Express

With Christmas coming very soon, it's only fair that a festive film was included on this list. The Polar Express follows a young boys journey to the North Pole as he embarks on an adventure of self-discovery to meet Father Christmas himself. During the wintery escapade, the passengers on the Polar Express find themselves in need of light refreshment, particularly hot chocolate. The Conductor calls for the waiters to serve up the drinks, balancing and juggling plates whilst singing along to a jaunty tune that you'll find yourself humming to days after watching the film.

8) Wreck-It Ralph

This 2012 Disney animation will have you stocking up on sugary goods. Ralph, the films protagonist, plays a video game villain searching for a game where he will be considered as the hero (for once). Upon his travels he encounters a fictional racing game called Sugar Rush. After being asked to compete in the race, Ralph is cheered on by peanut butter cups and chocolate kisses.

9) Consuming Passions

Taking more of a dark (chocolate) twist on this list is this British comedy from the late 1980's, written by Monty Python members Michael Palin and Terry Jones. Ian Littleton's (Tyler Butterworth) first day at work in a chocolate factory gets off to a bad start when he accidentally knocks 3 of this colleagues into an enormous vat of chocolate. When the 3 team members end up in the newest batch of chocolate, it is unknowingly sent out to the public. Soon, the public start to take notice of the new recipe and become addicted by its delicious flavouring. Can the factory owners keep up sales and delight the nations sweet tooth even when they find out about their new secret ingredient?

10) Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

On his first trip to Hogwarts, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley share a train carriage taking them to the famous wizarding school. During the journey the boys are tempted by a refreshment trolley containing all sorts of magical and mysterious candy bars. Although Ron has his rather disappointing packed lunch to accompany him, Harry purchases all of the goodies and they being to tuck in. Harry stumbles across a chocolate frog, and when he opens the packet it jumps out and escapes through the train window. Although the sweet treat has gone, Harry is marvelled by the trading card placed in the packet, in this case he gets an Albus Dumbledore card.

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