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The New Mum Pack

Introducing a new-born is one of the most special moments in a family's life that should be celebrated for the true miracle that it is. It is essential that every New Mum has all that she needs to help her through the first few weeks of parenthood. Here is what we believe make up the essential New Mum Pack.

Before the Birth

A gift for mum just before their beautiful baby is introduced in to the world is a wonderful idea. This can be anything for a new dressing gown to an evening out to help New Mum feel even more special....just before the main adventure begins!

For When You First Return Home

Being a new parent can feel quite daunting for some. If you're a family member or friend, one of the most precious gifts to give is your support and time. An extra pair of hands can't be gift wrapped, but can often be the most invaluable present of all.

For After the First Week

The first week of parenthood can be chaotic at the best of times! New Mum will have been swept off her feet, however once that bundle of joy has finally drifted off to the land of nod, it's time for New Mum to treat herself to a glass of wine and an Elizabeth Shaw Flute or two, before catching up on much needed shut-eye herself!

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We love this Baby Hamper!
The first month of parenthood is full of truly special memories

For The New-Born

Keeping the new-born happy will most certainly help New Mum be happy too and Baby Hampers are sure to bring out some of those first giggles. From cuddly toys to soft blankets and snuggly clothes, there's no end to what you can include.

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For New Mum an Baby to Enjoy Together

Gifts such as pampering baby oil that can be enjoyed by both mum and baby are a wonderful way for them to bond together - as well as reminding mum to treat herself! This delicately scented one from Bloom and Blossom promotes soft , silky skin: click here

For the First Month

The first month of parenthood is full of truly special memories. Help new parents to cherish these memories with a selection of framed photos, or even a scrapbook! An inexpensive but truly thoughtful gift that will brighten their home and their day!

For Dad

A new baby can be a tiring for Dad too, so give him a little something to help him get through the sleepless nights. We've found that a box of our Famous Names Liqueurs do just the trick!

For After the First Six Weeks

One of the best gifts you can give to new parents is offering your services as a babysitter. A night off six weeks down the line will feel like a real treat to the hardworking mum and dad.

Becoming a new parent is one of the most incredible ways anyone can spend their life, we hope that these tips can help make this incredible adventure even more special. Share your baby gift ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages.