New Season, New Design

Posted on by Ed Pitt

Autumn is sandwiched between the bright and warm months of summer and the crisp and cold winter. The night time comes earlier, temperatures begin to drop and the colours of the landscape turn from a lush green to rustic orange, brown and yellow.

As a season of change, we thought it would be the perfect time to reveal our two new flavours and the new packaging of our After Dinner range.

Our classic Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp and Milk Chocolate Mint Crisp are now joined by Milk Chocolate Orange Crisp and Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Crisp, meaning there is a box for every repertoire.


This classic flavour combines delicious creamy milk chocolate with zesty orange to delivery and fruity and indulgent treat, offering the perfect alternative to mint.

With a crunchy honeycomb crisp sure to give it a satisfying snap, this box of 28 chocolates is perfect for after dinner, after coffee, after work, in fact, perfect for any time!

Each irresistible chocolate is individually wrapped to ensure perfect freshness every time.


The tempting taste and smooth texture of our Salted Caramel Crisp is sure to please. Buttery caramel, enhanced with sea salt and mixed into creamy milk chocolate and melt in the mouth honeycomb crisp.

Individually wrapped for freshness, these delectable discs will fix those salty-sweet cravings in no time.

4 crisp blog.png

The whole Crisp range has undergone a redesign. We've kept the classic octagonal shape and while our boxes may look a little different, the price and recipe remain the same.