Pleasure & Pain: Our healthy living goals for 2016

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

After the heady indulgence of the Christmas season, we're all looking to make our start to 2016 a little healthier. Instead of cutting out all of our favourite things and forcing ourselves through a gruelling diet we won't stick to, we've come up with a much better idea! Here are our top tips for actually enjoying your healthy living plans.

1. Find an exercise you enjoy

There's nothing worse than committing to an exercise plan or sports team when you don't enjoy that form of exercise! In order for your plans to stick, you need to look forward to exercising. Join a running club, rather than jogging by yourself, or research into little known sports; there's so much out there that you're bound to find one to suit you.

2. Catch up on TV

Doing exercise whilst your brain is focused on something else can help you stick at it. We find that an episode of Corrie is the perfect length of time to get in a workout! Once you get into the habit of doing it, it will feel like second nature to you.

3. Trick yourself

By tricking yourself into healthy habits, you'll hardly notice that you're changing your routine. Try eating from smaller plates, investing in a water bottle with timed reminders to stay hydrated or keeping chopped fruit and veg ready to snack on in the fridge. You'll be feeling healthier and happier before you know it!

Give yourself a special moment
It's important to make yourself feel good

4. Reward yourself

For every good day you have or every time you reach a happiness goal, make sure to give yourself some type of reward. Whether it's a new dress that you've been eyeing up, an hour spent in the bath with candles or a special box of your favourite Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate, it's important to make yourself feel good.

5. Treat yourself

It's all too easy to berate yourself for not sticking to your plan, but this is really counterproductive. If you really need a few Flutes after a hard day, then go for it! Allowing yourself to have treats helps to maintain a positive mind-set and will encourage you to eat better and feel healthier in the long run.

What tips do you have for staying healthy and happier in 2016? Share your stories with us on Facebook or Twitter @ESCHOCS.