The History of Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates is a name synonymous with delectable chocolate treats in luxuriously lovely flavours, but you may not have known that we have been creating tempting chocolate delights since 1937!

I’d like to share with you the story of how Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates came to be the much-loved brand it is today.

First Steps

As a girl, I always loved making chocolates in my kitchen, experimenting with different flavours and swapping recipes with my friends. One of my favourites, and certainly my most popular chocolate was a delicious little mouthful infused with mint and blended with honeycomb – it had such a wonderfully crunchy texture, so we called it a Crisp!

While I was perfecting my recipe for the Mint Crisps, I met a lovely young man who worked in a chocolate factory. You could almost say that it was destined to be! We courted, we fell in love and we married – and I’m sure that they endless supply of chocolates had something to do with this.

Here’s an idea…

My new husband, whom I adored, worked for a chocolate company called Page & Shaw, which gave us both a rather fantastic idea. My chocolates were just as delicious – so why couldn’t I sell them too? After much chocolate tasting, package proving and recipe testing, we were ready to start selling our chocolates. As everyone knows, you need the right name for a new business and we eventually settled upon Elizabeth Shaw – my name and the name of the chocolate factory where my husband worked. And Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates was created! A whirlwind of delicious new chocolates, big factories and an ever-growing community of people who adored my chocolate followed.

Bristol calls

After 30 years in business together, my husband and I decided that it was time to pass on the legacy of Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates to another. We sold our business in 1968 to a factory in the bright city of Bristol. The factory was steeped in chocolate history and the owners had a passion for innovation – just like myself, so we knew we were passing along our legacy to a safe pair of hands. A new wave of brand new chocolates were created using exciting new flavours and textures that continued to delight our customers.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates today

Although my husband and I, and my kitchen table, have long gone by now, our beloved Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates continues making luxurious little mouthfuls of chocolate for you to indulge in – including the original Mint Crisp that started it all. I do hope that you enjoy our very latest range of indulgently delicious chocolates – our tempting Bites, in tantalising Raspberry, smooth Cappuccino and caramelised Almonds flavours.

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