The Perfect Picnic: Our Top Ten Tips

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Gathering friends and family together in the great outdoors for a picnic feast is a great British tradition that can create truly special moments. Here are our top tips for throwing a spectacular summer picnic.

1.Choose your location

A castle's grounds, a sandy beach, on a hillside, or even your back garden, are some great ideas for the perfect picnic location. Spend some time thinking about places that offer a lovely view or maybe hold some special memories for your loved ones. After all, location is the key!

Here are few suggestions to get you started:

2. The more the merrier

It goes without saying that to throw a truly magical picnic, you need to gather your nearest and dearest. Reach out to old friends and pop a date in your diary! You could even send out some invitations to make a real event.

3.What to eat?

Picnics should be all about sharing, so aim to serve a large collection of smaller dishes to encourage the perfect atmosphere. Why not ask your guests to each bring one dish to share between you? A few surprises are always welcome.

We like this round up from Country Living:

4. Bottoms up!

You finally have an excuse to use that wonderful collection of jugs and bottles you keep at the back of the cupboard. Serving home-made lemonade or a sparkling elderflower cocktail (alcohol optional!) in an assorted collection of bottles adds a lovely touch.

We think this Elderflower Lemonade is delicious:

5. Serve it up

If you don’t have plastic plates, try to track down some colourful paper ones to brighten things up. Picnics also shouldn’t require sophisticated knives and forks – it’s all about digging in!

6. Blankets galore

No-one likes a soggy bottom, on either the pastries or the grass, so pack a bundle of old blankets; quilt covers and throws to lay out for everyone. The more mismatched the better.

Picnic galore!
Create that Pinterest-style homeliness to your picnic

7. A few extra touches

If you want your picnic to be that little bit extra special, bring a selection of fairy lights, candles in jars, cushions and even flowers. This will create that Pinterest-style homeliness to your picnic, plus the extra light will mean you can stay well into the evening.

8. Games

 A few old-fashioned party games never went amiss! For the budding athletes among you, go for rounders, bat and ball or even set up a small obstacle course to go round. To go a little more low-key, dig out your pack of cards and board games.

9. Plan for the worst

However much we want the weather to behave, it’s a good idea to plan for the worst. Although a little rain never ruined anyone’s fun, damp sandwiches are not the most delicious. Instead, have a carpet picnic at home. Clear the floor and set up exactly as you would in the great outdoors.

10. Make the moment special

Special moments surprise us every day, and Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates are here to help you celebrate each and every one. Pack a box of Flutes or a round of Mint Crisps and we can be sure that you’ll have a truly perfect picnic.

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