Top Things Made From Chocolate

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Chocolate is our favourite thing in the world, and we can never resist anything made out of the delicious stuff. We've rounded up our top 10 favourite things made out of chocolate - from sculptures to clothes to other food. Some of them are rather strange so consider yourself warned!

1. An Avocado

We love avocados as much as the next person, but now that we've discovered the chocolate versions we're totally converted. Plus they have the most adorable heart centre, making them a sweet little gift if you wanted to bring a smile to someone's face -


2. Chocolate Trainers

For the anniversary of an iconic trainer, these chocolate trainers were made in celebration. As delicious as they look, they aren't the most practical of items (Think Chocolate Tea Pot!). Which chocolate version would you go for - milk, white, or dark?

Nike Choc.jpg

3. Runway Fashion

Every year, the Salon Du Chocolat hosts a spectacular runway filled with chocolate fashion - yes, really! The models strut their stuff in gowns made from sculpted chocolate, hats towering with truffles and we've definitely seen a few chocolate handbags in the past. Each outfit has a different theme, from musical instruments to city skylines.

Choc Dress.jpg

4. A Room

Sculptor Elena Kliment spent 2 months and 600kg of chocolate to make this delicious looking chocolate room, now that is dedication! The room is entirely made out of chocolate, the chairs, table, fireplace, even the flower pots. We wonder how long it took to eat the room afterwards?


5. Your Name

The ultimate in personalised presents, you can now get your name made out of chocolate. Or in fact, whichever word you fancy. We couldn't think of anything better!

Pleased to eat you!
..gowns made from sculpted chocolate, hats towering with truffles...

6. Nigella Lawson

Everyone knows that the iconic Nigella loves an occasional sweet treat, so what better way to celebrate her fantastic cooking than with.....a chocolate sculpture? Unveiled in the window of Selfridge's, this scene was entirely created out of chocolate.

7. Benedict Cumberbatch.... as a bunny!

Perhaps the strangest one on the list, Benedict Cumberbatch has not only been made as a chocolate human sculpture but also a bunny one! We think he makes a rather dapper Easter Bunny.


8. A Skull

It may seem a little morbid to some, but this anatomically correct skull is rather amazing to behold. It's also made from solid chocolate, which is a bonus in our eyes. Althought we couldn't actually imagine eating this!

Choc Skull.jpg

If you could make anything out of chocolate, what would it be? Tweet us @ESCHOCS and let us know!