Top Tips for a frightful Halloween party

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Everyone loves an excuse to indulge in a scare-filled evening, and Halloween is the perfect time to break out your creepiest costumes and whip up a batch of blood-curdling bakes. Here are our top tips for having the most frightful Halloween party.

Terrifying Treats

Every Halloween party needs a few sinister snacks for ghoulish guests to dig into. These are our favourite ideas for making sure you throw the scariest party around!

Chocolate Bat Biscuits


Perch these bat biscuits onto a glass of milk with added red food-dye for guaranteed screams from party goers. Simple to make, these biscuits would be great to get children involved in the spooky spirit. You'll need a bat-shaped cutter or a template that you can cut around. Follow the recipe here.

Candy Apples


No autumn celebration is complete without a few candy apples. To add a touch of spookiness to them, why not buy shiny red ones and print off some labels for 'Poison Apples'? Make sure to take extra care when dipping them in the hot sugar mixture. Add the finishing touches with a drizzle of your favourite (melted) Elizabeth Shaw chocolate. Watch the steps here.

Witches' broomsticks


These look rather more complicated than they actually are, and only require four ingredients! Melt together 100g of dark chocolate and 100g of milk chocolate. Stir in 50g of peanut butter until well mixed. Fill up small paper cases with your peanut butter chocolate mix and chill for 30 minutes before adding an Elizabeth Shaw Flute of your choice to the top and returning to the fridge.

Disgusting Decorations

How to carve a Halloween pumpkin


It may be tempting to simply grab your knife and spoon and start carving your carefully-chosen Halloween pumpkin, but this can often end in a lop-sided smile or a wonky nose. Instead, follow these top tips for carving a truly terrifying face, so you can display it in pride of place! Read more here.

Window Silhouettes


This is as easy as cutting a creepy outline from a piece of black card and taping to your window in front of the curtains! Make sure to place a lamp or bright torch directly behind so that your silhouette is properly outlined. Your shapes could be anything from a flock of bats to a witch with her broomstick. Click here for more useful ideas.

Our Chocolate Crisps make the perfect base for these spooky treats
Be prepared for the kids in costume calling at the door

Trick or Treat

Be prepared for the kids in costume calling at the door with a selection of Trick or Treat sweeties! Our Chocolate Crisps make the perfect base for a suitably spooky treat - simply add stickers in Halloween motifs to the top. We like these versions from Fiddle Fart and Lemon Pippin.

Creepy costumes

Day of the Dead


Ring the changes with your Halloween costume and go for something a little different. Day of the Dead costumes are easy to replicate - although they do require a steady hand! Buy some black, white and red face paint, dress up in your best suit and you're ready to roll. Try this video for the full tutorial.

Black and White Photograph


This costume works really well if you're planning on taking lots of photos at your party, as you'll appear to be in black and white! It is a clever trick of colours, and will require careful application of face or body paint, but looks wonderfully effective. Click here for top tips on how to pull this off.

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Happy Halloween!