Elizabeth Shaw launch Dare to be You Campaign.



2019 has been a game changing year for women. They’ve been pushing boundaries, setting records and leading the charge on challenging stereotypes – and the over 50s have been re-writing the rule book of for living and and redefining retirement in the 21st century.

To celebrate the empowerment of the elastic generation, a nationwide poll of British females over fifty has been conducted by classic confectionery brand Elizabeth Shaw and has revealed a definitive bucketlist they encourage all women to experience before hitting the milestone birthday.

According to the study, 42% said their 50s is their favourite decade, showing that growing older is being embraced by women in the UK. What’s more, the majority of those polled insisted that the best was yet to come, with 69% saying they expected their life to be full of fun and adventure in the coming years.

Not only has the research found women to feel liberated by their 50’s, but it also shows that the ‘mid-life’ lessons learned along the way have had the most impact on their positive outlook. The poll discovered that a life of 50 years doesn’t come without learning some of life’s greatest lessons, from the art of forgiveness to just understanding the important things in life.

No longer do millennials lay claim to festivals, tattoos and dancing until sunrise. Baby Boomers are  embracing vivacious lives full of empowerment and frivolity in equal measure.

These women are daring to live lives which are bolder and more adventurous than any ‘silver’ generation before and when asked for advice to impart with others, one thing was clear: Know your worth, be the boss, break the mould!


‘Learning what is important in life’ was the most powerful mantra on the list, striking a chord with the fabulous over 50s women (63%). The art of forgiveness emerged as another key life lesson, with many saying by the time they reached mid-life they had extended an olive branch to someone they had a long standing feud with (36%).

On reflection, two thirds said they would counsel their younger selves to stop fretting about the little things in life while nearly half of women over fifty said they now feel like they know their own strengths (49%).

Reassuringly, those polled passed on to their younger counterparts that they no longer worry about superficial things (81%) and now feel comfortable in their own skin (41%).



Wishing they had felt empowered earlier on in their lives was a key learning from the women surveyed. If they could share a pearl of wisdom to their younger selves, they would advise not to allow themselves to be walked over (67%) and never let anyone use you (64%).

Both in life and work, fully understanding your own worth is fundamental to women (55%). Nearly half had quit a job they hated and were now doing something they loved (48%) with a fifth believing that women should have a chance to be their own boss before they are 50.



Much of the list focuses on living in the now. In fact, three quarters of women said they wish they had been more adventurous in their youth.

From sipping a cocktail on a tropical beach (26%) and flying business class to New York (21%) to going to a festival (20%) and writing a novel (12%) the list of exciting exploits were varied, with some even naming skinny dipping (10%) as one of the escapades they felt they’d missed out when they were younger. Overall the survey begs the question… what are we waiting for?



When asked to look back on their love lives, finding love for the second time made the list (23%) and for the more romantically risqué,  dating a younger man (16%) and introducing role play into the bedroom (10%) were both named as must try.

Whilst many women regret the amount of time spent worrying about relationship problems in the past (42%), others wished they’d spent more time playing the field when it came to matters of the heart (36%). However, excitingly over a third of over 50s declared that their sex lives are better now that they had ever been before (36%).


Karen Crawford, Managing Director at Elizabeth Elizabeth Shaw, who commissioned the research, explains:

“Our research shows that women over 50 are tearing up the rule book and setting their own rules for living, now more than ever. What’s more, they’re telling us that the best is yet to come!

“We’re on a mission to inspire women all over the country to come together and share their pearls of wisdom – celebrating everything they have learnt in life, from indulging in everyday treats to big ambitions. At Elizabeth Shaw, we’re saying: dare to be you whatever your age.”


Here are Elizabeth Shaw’s rules for living life to the full, as decided by the UK’s elastic generation of women:

  1. Learn what’s important to you in life
  2. Know your worth
  3. Quit the job you hate
  4. Forgive someone who has wronged you
  5. Sip a cocktail on a tropical beach
  6. Have a complete makeover
  7. Find love again
  8. Be your own boss
  9. Fly business class to New York
  10. Go to a festival
  11. Dance until sunrise
  12. Make time for volunteering
  13. Learn to meditate
  14. Learn a language
  15. Get a tattoo
  16. Date a younger man
  17. Have a career change
  18. Visit the Maldives
  19. Dance on a table
  20. Write your life story
  21. Have a holiday romance
  22. Drive a convertible
  23. Go skinny dipping
  24. Learn to salsa dance
  25. Introduce role play to your marriage
  26. Sneak backstage at a gig
  27. Try a poll-dancing class
  28. Learn to scuba dive
  29. Go to a burlesque club
  30. Run a marathon



The survey of 1,500 British women aged over 50, was commission by Elizabeth Shaw to celebrate the launch of their new Ginspired Tipples box of chocolates, created in collaboration with Pinkster, the craft gin specialists. Priced at RRP £7.00 Ginspired Tipples are available at Sainsbury’s nationwide.

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