Warming Bonfire Treats

Posted on by Elizabeth Shaw

Bonfire Night is one of our favourite nights of the year. We love the magical feeling that only comes from 'oohing' and 'ahhing' at fireworks. Cold night air biting at your cheeks and a crackling bonfire make the perfect scene for a cup of something warming and a nibble on something chocolatey and rich.

Why not try these Bonfire Night recipes for a truly special 5th November?

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate.jpg

The ultimate in chocolate indulgence, a piping hot mug of Hot Chocolate is the perfect way to start the evening. Our recipe keeps it simple and delicious. Melt Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Crisps into gently simmering milk until completely combined, serve immediately, topped with whipped cream and a grating of Chocolate Crisps on top. Read our full recipe here.

Delicious treats that open to reveal their hidden chocolate stash inside!
We love the magical feeling that only comes from 'oohing' and 'ahhing' at fireworks

Bonfire Banana Bites

Chocolate Baked Bananas are delicious treats that open to reveal their hidden chocolate secret inside, and we think our Almond Bites make the perfect addition. To make, slice open a banana length-ways, keeping the skin on. Add a row of Almond Bites in the open banana and wrap the whole thing tightly in tinfoil. Place near the bottom of the bonfire and carefully retrieve after half an hour. Leave to cool a little and break open to enjoy! If you're stuck, this recipe is a good guide.

Sticky Toffee Cupcakes with Chocolate Topping


Sticky Toffee pudding is a favourite amongst many households, so we couldn't resist including these cupcake versions which work brilliantly on Bonfire Night. Just the right amount of caramel flavours and a glossy chocolate topping that will bring a smile to your face. Find this easy recipe by Jamie Oliver here.

We hope you all have a fantastic Bonfire Night, and remember to share your photos with us on Twitter or Facebook.